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August 12 2017

Hollywood has likely done more than any other American institution to obstruct a truthful apprehension of the Civil War, and thus modern America’s very origins. So one need not wait to observe that any foray by HBO into the Civil War must be met with a spirit of pointed inquiry and a withholding of all benefit of the doubt.
Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Lost Cause Rides Again

August 11 2017

Trump’s fire and fury may just be sound and fury, signifying nothing—but it also reveals how much our vaunted global order has always been teetering on the edge of the bleakest nothingness.
Patrick Blanchfield: The Annihilator

July 19 2017

Silk stockings never fully recovered. In 1941, as the United States prepared for war, the U.S. blocked Japanese imports. Meanwhile, the invention of nylon set the stage for new leg fashions. By 1942, writes Glickman, “the act of donning or rejecting silk stockings became irrelevant.” But the idea that consumption could also mean morality didn’t—and questions about the origins of our clothing have persisted ever since.
Why Women Burned Their Stockings in the 1930s

July 14 2017

Maybe as your prisoner I’ll never see the light of day but I believe darkness is my destiny inside you all is well
‘Your Lifelong Prisoner’ – Liu Xiaobo’s poem from prison

June 04 2017

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Burgselfie. #schloss #party #bayern #latergram #clarityandchaos

May 31 2017

Toxic masculinity teaches men not to overthink or feel, but Dev is able to cope with his emotions. Men are not supposed to flinch in the face of adversity; Ansari is daring to flinch.
Be a Man: Nicole Froio reviews the great, not perfect second season of Master of None. 

May 30 2017

My doctors made it clear that there were two kinds of illness: those they could identify, and those that didn’t exist. My symptoms were simply shadow puppets cast by a mind that couldn’t control itself. I was confused. They were certain.

They were wrong.

Performance of a Lifetime 

I highly recommend this remarkable essay by Kate Horowitz on invisible, chronic illnesses and gender issues in medicine. 

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May 29 2017

[…] we have offered up our
mortally wounded, un-
comprehending remembrance.
We look down or away
and notice the impassive
grass under our bloody weight.
Memorial Day by Reginald Gibbons, from Last Lake (University of Chicago Press: 2016)

May 19 2017

We remain a democracy, at least for the time being, and if we the people insist on an independent investigation, we will get one. But only if we insist—including by demanding that our elected representatives take full responsibility for addressing this crisis with every power at their disposal. As Ben Franklin reportedly warned some 240 years ago, the Framers gave us “a republic, if you can keep it.” Trump’s latest action puts that question once again to the test.
Trump’s Constitutional Crisis

May 18 2017

Though many try to write off street harassment and catcalling—and humping a statue of an adolescent girl—as “boys being boys,” these actions “reflect cultural norms connected with space” and allow men to assert dominance over the public sphere. In the same way that catcalling and street harassment are ways of making women feel as if they are neither safe nor welcome in public, defacing monuments to women is a way of threatening women who publically take up space.
Monumental Misogyny: On Female Statues, Public Space, and Harassment | Bitch Media
I was given nothing but the air, and the air dazzled.
Poem of the Day: All You Do Is Perceive

May 14 2017

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Off to new adventures. #selfie #Konstanz #lindau #workinprogress (hier: Fähre Konstanz-Meersburg)

May 12 2017

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The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness” is the first single off of the coming new The National album Sleep Well Beast. I’m doing cartwheels of excitement.

May 11 2017

Books are door-shaped
carrying me
across oceans
and centuries,
helping me feel
less alone.
— Margarita Engle “Tula [Books are door-shaped]”

Our fiction casually adjusted to accommodate the blast, even if we thought we were writing far from the blast, we were, indeed, not writing about the blast at all. The world had already been absurd, to those paying attention to the unending reported and even more unreported brutalities around the globe; perhaps the world is just more likely to look different as a multiracial child from a former European colony, where the scars of colonialism never fully heal, even if, like me, you grew up after independence. But now, perhaps, a new generation of writers would be unable to avoid the instability, the absurdity, of the post-9/11 world.

Maybe this is Murakami’s chthonic insight: that the dark underground, where the bad things wait […] is not that deep down.  The underground can’t stay buried. Reality A and B are indeed different—but like parallel train tracks in his fiction, they would inevitably crash. Perhaps Reality A—9/11—was inevitable; had it not happened then, it would have happened soon enough.

“The Political Murakami on Life in a Dark Timeline.” 

Gabrielle Bellot on magical realism and alternate timelines post-9/11. I recommend reading the short essay in full. 

May 09 2017

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Flat white and Tyehimba Jess’ OLIO #igreads #bookstagram #poetry #Konstanz #weekdaypleasures #noelf #clarityandchaos

Truthfulness to life—both fantasy life and factual life—is the basis of all great art.
— Maurice Sendak, who died yesterday 5 years ago. 

May 01 2017

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Oh baby I will read
About the buzzing of the bees
About the grass and snakes and spawning lakes and the different types of trees
And I will find a way
That leads from cruel April into May
And someday soon it will be June and you’ll decide to stay

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls: The Opening Act of Spring

April 28 2017

What Alex Jones is doing here isn’t an attempt to reconcile his public persona with his private role as a dad, and I suspect the media is wrong when it insists that’s what this trial is about. What he is doing is of a piece with what Trump does and Jeff Sessions does and Sean Spicer does every day: He is deliberately destablilizing core American institutions of truth.
The Alex Jones Trial Pits Reality Against Trumpian Reality. And Reality Might Lose.

To help scientists to tell their stories and to engage and educate, AAAS put in place a very helpful Advocacy Toolkit.

Also, the organisers of the march for science extend their activism for science beyond the march. Currently, they are planning to build an organisation centered on informed advocacy, community building, and accessible education and aim to create new programmes and scale existing programmes to improve the relationship between science and society.

When Science Is Under Attack…
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