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February 19 2018

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
— Zora Neale Hurston - Their Eyes Were Watching God

February 15 2018

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Kettcar - Benzin und Kartoffelchips

New video for Kettcar’s Benzin und Kartoffelchips, one of my favorite songs off of last year’s amazing Ich Vs. Wir. 

Another Assault on a School.

So there is another mass shooting with an assault-style rifle in a U.S. school, this time in Parkland, Florida. 

The Governor again talks about this kind of event like it’s an unpreventable natural disaster, the young shooter is “pure evil.” Law enforcement is showered with praise, thoughts and prayers are offered. Pam Bondi, the horrid Florida Attorney General, stresses her cooperation with GoFundMe to prevent scam, and promises to not work with overpriced funeral homes. Mental health is talked about like the water temperature and pressure systems of an ocean after a hurricane. 

This is not natural. Both the Governor and AG have the power have to actually do something against what makes these events so deadly: The widespread availability of military-strength weapons. The US is the only country where this happens over, and over, and over again.


February 13 2018

the eyes are not reliable.
not windows. not mirrors.

my ears have eroded,
leaving two broken telephones.

“what i told the doctor” 

Sabrina Benaim, from her new book Depression & Other Magic Tricks

February 08 2018

Performance Studies scholar Tony Perucci explores how Robeson was portrayed as insane. During the Cold War, the shared “critical goal” of the federal government and psychoanalytic psychiatry was “to eliminate dissent against American political order.” Because Communists (real or imagined) were said to be so good at masking their true selves, only psychoanalysis could break through outer falsehood of the “red mask.” It followed that they had to be insane to be Communists or fellow-travelers.
Why Paul Robeson Was Labelled a Psychopath

February 07 2018

Do you ever sit on the end of your bed and listen to the world spin?
Sabrina Benaim, from Depression & Other Magic Tricks (via buttonpoetry)

February 05 2018

February 03 2018

I think in any environment, but perhaps especially places at war, book reading creates a pause from day-to-day life and isolates a reader from their surroundings while they’re buried in a book,” said Jamshid Hashimi, who runs an online library and is a co-founder of the Book Club of Afghanistan. “This is powerful anywhere, but in a place like Afghanistan, it can be a means of emotional survival.
Most Afghans Can’t Read, but Their Book Trade Is Booming

January 27 2018

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Yo, this song is pure joy.

The Go! Team - Semicircle Song.

January 25 2018

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It’s called family reunification. #chainmigration #immigration #fail #familyvalues #usa #racism #clarityandchaos

January 24 2018

Yet, despite the widening of the general frame, Orientalism still reigns; though it’s not as brazen, its subtle forms are everywhere.

Same As It Ever Was: Orientalism Forty Years Later.

Philip Metres reflects upon Edward Said, Othering, and the representation of Arabs in US culture.

January 21 2018

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I’ll never get used to this view.

January 20 2018

In 2017, irrealism wasn’t just the form of reality experienced by those under threat, it became the dominant mode of power and its projections, with its showrunner being Donald Trump, the President. This is at once terrifying and familiar. We live, after all, in a world of infinite possibilities. We also live in a world in which we need to categorize and order reality

The Worst of Times: Our Year in Irreality

A terrific essay by John Freeman on myth, irreality, and the presidency of Donald Trump. I can recommend reading the whole thing on this anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. It’s printed in Freeman’s Journal and crossposted in Lithub. (see link above.)

Having owned the house, he’ll never tempt the house. All he can do is torch it.

The Last Last Summer

Joshua Cohen on Donald Trump’s Atlantic City.

January 04 2018

But Milo isn’t being asked to examine or refine his views. He’s being asked to change them from hate speech into dog whistles. As the editor himself puts it: “I don’t like using Nazi analogies. Ever. Let other people do that.”
— Blair Beusman at Lithub: How to Sanitize a Hateful Troll

January 03 2018

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“Post-” by Jeff Rosenstock

First popculture highlight of the year. Punk rock for waking up to a nuclear dick measuring contest and weird, appeasing NYT op-eds and immediately becoming tired again. Listen on spotify or get it on bandcamp

"Their language bellows need."

A sentence like a punch.

From Sheryl Lunas “Neighbors Smoke on an Apartment Porch Owned by a Mental Health Agency” Poetry Magazine, January 2018

December 29 2017

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Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark.

December 27 2017

This emerging religious worldview — let’s call it “Fox evangelicalism” — is preached from the pulpits of conservative media outlets like Fox News. It imbues secular practices like shopping for gifts with religious significance and declares sacred something as worldly and profane as gun culture.
Opinion | Have a Very Merry War on Christmas

December 26 2017

Against hatred and intolerance we need education and civil courage. This is what Nobel science and Nobel peace is about.

Bishop emeritus Gunnar Stålsett, in a speech at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway.

You can read his speech on the importance of science and peace in society on the blog of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.

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